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Fireball Tournaments Postponed

All Fireball tournaments in the French conflux of Montpelier have been cancelled in the Under-15 division. The decision was made by the YFA (Youth Fireball Association) after a string of laughing hexes have halted play in the last six Fireball matches in the youth tournament in the conflux. Whilst probably the result of an amusing prank by some local youth spectators to disrupt the games, the action to suspend further matches has been taken very seriously by the Montpelier sports officials.

“We do not find the actions of these laughter hex-casters to be harmless pranks, and they are now affecting the very integrity of the game we all love. Until we can get to the bottom of this very serious matter, we will be unfortunately postponing all future games in the Under-15 division until further notice, and when the culprits are caught and brought to justice.” These words from Lionel Le Boff, the YFA secretary, came yesterday as the decision to postpone reached international news. Many agree with Le Boff and have said the actions of the spell-casters are abhorrent, and bringing the game into disrepute. Others, however, think these measures are far too strict and over-the-top for what appears to be a silly prank to get people to enjoy the game more, rather than how seriously they take the youth game in the Montpelier Conflux.

The Tribune is following this story and will report further updates as they come from the YFA, the Montpelier Conflux, and the Guardian Order, if it gets that far.