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The Witchards Tribune

Hogwash and Hocus-Pocus

In this day and age, it would hardly be shocking to anyone to read an editorial about the news blowing things out of proportion. Sensational…


Pickingill offers the Were sanctuary amidst global unrest

Recent weeks saw a shift in the conflict between the witchards and the Were. There are still those who believe that the animosity can be solved through diplomatic means, but these voices grow weaker by the day, drowned out by the rising outrage of the public.

Surprising Social Change in the Arcaneux Family

Anyone who has been following the news in the British Confluxes is likely not to have missed the recent controversy regarding the well-known Arcaneux family.…

Merry Modley’s Remedies & Recipes

When I was young, growing up in a rural conflux, I remember my mother being constantly in the kitchen. She was just at home there…