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The Witching World of America

America. The “New World” witches of old (and some Hexborn families of today) called it. An untamed land where many fled to, disguised as pilgrims, either running from the persecution of religion or the persecution of those wishing to make them pay for their crimes. Whatever the reason, many witches ended up in America, often meeting witches already there taking care of their tribes. Today, America is much different, as is Britain, then it was back then. But America and Britain are still very much different from each other.

And I should now. This summer, my studies at Bothwell were cut short, so I ventured to America with to meet my Great Aunt Rosalie. And there are quite a lot things that have thrown me for a loop.
Firstly, everything is so spread out. Magic Circles rarely exist since it would taken hours to walk to one. The supermarket was nearly a fifteen-minute drive from my aunt’s house!

Yes, I said drive. Since everything is so spread out in America and witches, especially those in cities, tend to live among Mundanes, using mundane travel is often the norm here. My aunt even asked me if I wanted to learn how drive! Can you imagine, having to learn what peddle to push when? No, I’d rather stick with a handy Runic Bridge any day, even if I do have to call ahead to have it opened. They are much simpler.

Second, there was so many options at the supermarket. I mean, who really needs 20+ Oreos? And I found something called a ‘dragon fruit’ in the produce section. My aunt assured me it has nothing to do with actual dragons.

Following my mental freak-out at the Oreo display, the cashier helping us checkout couldn’t stop gushing about my ‘adorable’ accent after I asked my aunt if we had lavender at home. (I was hoping to make a motion for my jetlag). If every American is going to ask me if I really am from England, I think I’ll just talking while here.

Finally, the strangest difference that I still cannot get over (beside the Oreos) is home un-traditional my aunt’s home. She has potions stored in the back of her fridge in Tupperware containers, herbs stored next the Cheez Whiz in the cupboards, and a Roomba charging next to her broom! She even suggested I download this ‘nifty app’ that lets witches share tips with each other over a secret magically encrypted website thingy. She said it was how she learned to fix her Wi-Fi with a few simple runes.

So America. Land of opportunity, streets paved in gold. And maybe just a little bit crazy. In any case, this reporter is signing off to have a nap. If you’re planning a trip to the USA anytime soon, don’t worry, they have plenty of Oreos.

-Jessie J.