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Hogwash and Hocus-Pocus

In this day and age, it would hardly be shocking to anyone to read an editorial about the news blowing things out of proportion. Sensational journalism isn’t a particularly new addition to the world of Witchards, but the exaggeration gets more and more absurd as time goes on. 

Let’s talk about conflict, shall we? 

It’s a simple enough concept. We experience conflict in all forms in our every day life, be it minor struggles and disagreements at work or school, all the way to macro-level strife. Inter- and intra-Conflux disagreements are no new news either, and neither is that between those of different blood status, or between the were and the Witchards. 

Why, then, is this suddenly the focus of the news? It seems that young Witchards are forgetting our history. In fact, it is almost embarrassing to see them eagerly reporting on this as if it is any new information.

Just as some confluxes do not get along with one another, some Witchards do not get along with some Were. This isn’t something to be sensationalized – no matter how you feel about it, that is just a fact of Witchard life. 

Perhaps it is this sensitivity we see so often in the younger Witchards that has spurred this new concern for tension. After all, if you have grown up being told to play nice and given a ribbon for even the smallest achievement, it would certainly ring true that you would find yourself over-sensitive as an adult.

These Witchards are surely well intentioned, but naive. It would be best if they could be taken by the hand and shown the realities of adulthood, rather than allow them to flounder in their constant state of panic. 

The generations prior have pulled themselves up by their broomsticks and made a place for themselves in the world, rather than agonize over whether or not the perceived tension is the preface to an apocalypse. 

It’s about time we realized that there is not a world where everyone gets along all the time, and stop giving out participation medals. 

To further elucidate readers, I will state it plainly: The “growing tensions” that have been reported do not signal the start of a war, a skirmish, an apocalypse, or some sort of societal collapse. They are commonplace, and quite tedious, really. We should let our Guardians and Politicians do their jobs, rather than allowing today’s youth to dictate their positions from their comfortable seats at home or at their schools. It is easy to sensationalize with little real world experience, but in the end, it’s all a learning process.