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And So Our Adventure Begins!

Soooo… hi there!  I’m Elspeth Ainslie Euphemia MacWeir, but you know what?  That’s a mouthful of a name, so please just call me Elsie.  I feel like we’re going to end up being great friends as you help me explore the world of magical and mundane mysteries, so I figure I should probably tell you a bit about myself before we get started.  I come from a teeny-tiny little Witchard village in the Scottish Highlands. It’s just outside of Strathmashie Forest, but you’ve probably never heard of the place, so you know…right? ANYHOW, I was raised on the old stories of unicorns and dragons, selkies and fae– the typical “magical creatures” Mundanes like to tell tales about.  My da told me all those stories. But my ma? She told me stories about the creatures even Witchards can’t say for sure really exist.  You know… like the Silver Crested Firebird of the Coxcomb Mountains and the shy Trumpeting Traloos of the Amazonian Basin.  And THAT is what this column is going to be about.  I’m going to be searching for proof these creatures exist and telling you all about it.  There’s no mountain too high or marsh too boggy to stop me, and I need YOU to send me any tips that you might have.  So if you’ve heard whispers of some fantastical beast, I want to know about it.  Just drop me a line at TheRovingCryptid and we’ll see what we can find.  But for now… I’ve bags to pack and the first part of my trip to plan.  Next week our adventures begin! Eiii! I’m so excited, aren’t you?