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What’s Hot? What’s Not!

This week’s rundown of Witchard fashion: what will turn heads, and what will turn stomachs! [Edition 1]

After the recent speculations surrounding ‘The Masurian Man’, this week’s fashion is centred around the striking and unique fashion of the elusive Masurian Conflux, and what inspiration you can use from it to brighten up your witchard wardrobe this Fall!

The Griffin Bowler: HOT!

This statement headwear is famous for its ties to traditional Masurian costume, and the most expensive and sought-after pieces use rare Griffin feathers. Most appearances of the stylish headwear, however, use feathers from common Pheasant and Polish White-Tailed Eagles.

What’s Hot? What’s Not! loves this hat! Versatile and easily personalised, this Bowler is the perfect accompaniment to any modern or traditional outfit. In black, it can be paired with any colour you’re sporting, and bewitched to another colour can add a statement to whatever colour-blocking fashion you’re sporting! Remember that feathers should be bought or harvested sustainably (see our last issue for Tribune-favoured ethical outlets!)

The Trained Cape: NOT!

Impractical and dated, this famous cloak sporting a long train behind it, is definitely on the NOT list! Harking back to an era gone by, whilst everyone loves a bit of ‘vintage’ this cloak absolutely hasn’t aged well for the modern Witchard. Stories of these cloaks getting caught on foliage whilst broom flying, and wearers stumbling often due to their trains being stood on constantly, are well-known. Being ridiculed for your ancient and ill-considered cloak definitely isn’t the image you’ll be going for at upstanding events!

What’s Hot? What’s Not! Recommends a shorter, more practical cape that keeps up with the modern fashion of a sweeping, knee-length garment. Lighter fabrics are recommended in fairer weathers too, with satin and silkworm popular in the milder seasons, and stretched wool in the cooler Fall & Winter to maintain warmth whilst still being easy to move in and fashionable. If you’re wanting to nod to the Masurian Trained Cape in your wardrobe, try a cloak in a statement colour, or omit the presence of a hood, and instead replace the fastenings with those unique Masurian bronze & sapphire buttons, which we love!