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Solberg Wands Reveal New Line of Fashion Wands

Ahead of their launch next week, fashion megalodon Solberg Wands have released teaser images of the much-anticipated new wand line, Swish. Known for their emphasis on beauty over durability, Solberg Wands are the most successful commercial wand outlet in Witchard Society, with a reported over 30% of surveyed witchards having a Solberg wand as their primary magic-caster.

The Swish line looks to draw inspiration from nature and fauna for this collection, with the majority of the featured pieces being autumnal in colour, incorporating natural feathers and ethically fallen flower buds, and also using more seasonal woods such as birch and rowan. Though not particularly rare wand woods, they are definitely known for their curvature and ergonomic beauty, rather than for their strength and magic-casting ability. To most Solberg loyalists, however, this beauty is far more favourable, and aligns with the train of thought that high-performance spell-casting is not wholly necessary for the regular witchard.

Sticking with their famed competitive pricing, the Swish products are rumoured to not be any more expensive than last year’s Light It Up line, and are available in most wand outlets and commercial supplies stores from Tuesday.