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Wyvern scares mundanes in Belgium, memory wipe operation underway

Local Guardians had rough morning today when reports started flooding in about a wyvern on the loose in southern Belgium. Our current information suggests the wyvern escaped from the Ancien Prieuré reserve near the French border and made its way towards the nearby towns. The reasons remain unknown, but the most common possibilities are lack of prey animals or fights over territory with other wyverns. No casualties have been reported so far, but the latest sightings have occurred so close to population that there’s a risk of dozens of sightings by mundanes, possibly even hundreds.

A team of memory specialists has been dispatched to map the area, and they have already successfully wiped the memory of at least 30 terrified mundanes. At the same time, a team of Cryptozoologists has been tracking the movements of the wyvern and estimates they can return it to the reserve very soon. After the most urgent risks have been averted, there will be an extensive evaluation to make sure no traces of the incident remain in mundane knowledge, and Ancien Prieuré wardens have announced they will increase the amount of tracking spells in the area.