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The White Fang terrorist are all over the news these days, and they seem to get bolder with each attack. At first, they had only targeted remote areas with no important witchard infrastructure; recently, however, they shifted focus to residential areas in England. Last night, White Fang operatives attacked witchard residences in the village of Fairfield, Kent. Three humans have been injured and one remains in critical state. The area has been warded off and LCPI agents sent on site to reclaim the territory. Currently, the situation in Fairfield is unknown.

In related news, a notorious White Fang operative Elric Gault was spotted this morning in the city of Netherfield. Our readers may recall that name in connection to the Lister family murders of 2015 as well as the Balcombe massacre of 2018. In the current war, so far Gault has claimed responsibility for one attack: the killing of two Red Moon operatives who, as he said, “got in his way”. Despite not being as violent as the White Fang, the Red Moon terrorists are an equal threat to humans, and the Guardian Order took the news about the in-fighting between the Were as good news for the witchard side of the war; until the incident in Netherfield.

According to witnesses, Gault was having an argument with Salem McKinley from Red Moon. McKinley, who is known to the Guardian Order as a liaison between various terrorist cells on the side of the Were, looked angry and defensive, while her interlocutor appeared to be on the verge of turning violent. Witnesses heard them mention the name “Adela”, which may refer to Adelaide Knight, a Red Moon operative who disappeared a few months ago.

The spotting of these two in Netherfield is particularly alarming because the town is located close to Bothwell, a witchard school whose Headmistress, Romilly Montpellier, is known for her adamant anti-Were stance. The second reason for concern is that, allegedly, Adelaide Knight has a child who is a student at Bothwell.

As far as we know, local cells of White Fang and Red Moon haven’t exactly been friendly with each other despite fighting on the same side against witchards. Elric Gault in particular seems to take pleasure in using Red Moon operatives as bait for the Guardian Order and pitting the two sides against each other while his White Fang cell grows in power.

Our sources tell us that the LCPI have changed the “Wanted” status of Elric Gault, allowing the agents to kill him on sight if capture isn’t viable. Rumour has it that the same status change has been implemented for Salem McKinley and Adelaide Knight, but this news has yet to be confirmed.