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Last night, the forces of White Fang, a radical terrorist group of lycanthropes, briefly gained control of the area between Kirdford and Ebernoe in England before being pushed back by the Lycanthropic Crime Prevention Initiative (LCPI).

The attacked area is well known for its ritual sites and rich magical history, but according to our contacts within the Historical Society, its significance is more sentimental than strategic. Our correspondents were unable to get a clear answer from the LCPI as to why this specific area was targeted by the Were. There are some theories, but the authorities are reluctant to commit to any until there is evidence to support them.

One of these theories assumes that the attack was a ruse to draw the Guardian Order’s attention away from a different, more lucrative target.

“If you ask me, these werewolves either got lost – you know, with the runic bridges being all glitchy and such – or they came here to mess with the Guardians,” says one of the Kirdford residents.

“They destroyed my shed and ripped off part of my roof, but our wards kept them away from getting in,” says another resident. “It’s like they came after us because there was nothing else to do around here.”

Another theory, one that started circulating in the circles of Order Le Fay, is that the White Fang want to control places of concentrated magic, which may include ritual sites. This theory, however, is contested by the locals of Kirdford.

“They were after us, I’m telling you. They went straight for our homes, aiming to kill. Those are single-minded beasts, obsessed with destruction. They didn’t care about the land – they were after the witchards. Although why they’d come to the area that only has a handful of us is beyond me.”

Myrtle Keegan from the LCPI had this to say about the attack:

“White Fang have always been vicious, blood-thirsty killers. Even other werewolves are known to fear them. I have no doubt that these lycans were there to slaughter. Maybe they thought it would be easy to take out a few unsuspecting families and disappear into the night. Fortunately, we were tipped off by an anonymous letter and we could send our forces in time to prevent bloodshed.”

The Guardian Order considers setting up an outpost in the area in case the White Fang operatives return.