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Surprising Social Change in the Arcaneux Family

Finley Arcaneux, Heir to the Estate

Anyone who has been following the news in the British Confluxes is likely not to have missed the recent controversy regarding the well-known Arcaneux family. Once a high-born family of great renown and repute, their seemingly sterling reputation turns out to have been tarnished. Influential and highly powerful, the Arcaneux family had their hands in many business ventures, trade and politics being just the most front-facing. But as scandal recently revealed, it was the dealings in the shadows that gave them the upper hand.

This was the case, at least, until Finley Arcaneux appeared on the scene. An American on their mother’s side, it had been previously unknown that the then-present Arcaneux heir had sired several children out of wedlock. Finley, being the oldest, first came into the scope of witchard society while attending Czocha College. 

At the time, it appeared clear that they disagreed with their family’s traditional views, perhaps due to growing up in a more liberal American conflux and city. However, after graduation, they began to take on the duties of a future heir, and their values seemed to shift almost overnight. This was a concerning new turn for those that had hope that the young Arcaneux might signal a shift in policy for the influential family, but not a surprising turn of events. In the old witchard families, tradition is still a strong motivator. 

Things were not entirely as they seemed, however, and in a bombshell announcement after an unidentified break-in at the Arcaneux estate, Finley Arcaneux revealed that they had been working hand-in-hand with the U.K. Guardian Order (UKGO), and that the remaining elder Arcaneux family members were being apprehended for a slew of crimes, including smuggling, organised crime, and violence against mundaneborn and mixborn witchards. 

Though it is unclear what the future holds for the Arcaneux family, the new heir, Finley Arcaneux, has wasted no time in making their intentions clear. After the trial and arrests of their father, grandmother, aunt, and grandfather, they established a charitable organisation called Equality for Witchards, donating a considerable amount of the family fortune toward equitable treatment for mundaneborn and mixborn witchards, and the once-coveted and exclusive Arcaneux Family Gala has become a charity ball. 

If there is one thing that seems certain, it’s that the young Arcaneux intends to repair the damage their family has done. But with generations of power and control, what will it take? As the year progresses, perhaps we will be able to follow Finley Arcaneux’s movement as the Heir to the Arcaneux legacy.

Though we contacted the Arcaneux estate for an interview, they declined to comment on the current state of affairs, but conceded a professional response of “maybe later.”