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Successful mission of the Guardian Order against a Red Moon cell in Netherfield

After the devastating news from yesterday, there is finally a glimmer of hope. As our readers recall, we wrote about the White Fang and Red Moon sightings in the town of Netherfield, an occurrence as unusual as it was alarming. The Guardian Order took this information extremely seriously and conducted a thorough investigation of the entire Netherfield area.

Early this morning, with the aid of the Rosencrantz Order, Guardians led a successful raid on a Red Moon cell in Netherfield, arresting 18 operatives and killing seven. No witchards have been injured in the raid and, according to our source, the entire Red Moon cell in Netherfield has been eliminated.

Locating the Were wasn’t an easy task. Concealed from both witchard and Mundane eyes, bunkered in their hideout, they flew under the Guardians’ radar for months. Perhaps they would still be in hiding if it hadn’t been for the help of Jack Hastings, a Professor at Bothwell and a technomancer whose experimental tracking device helped picked up magical signatures of the Were.

“We are huge believers in artificery,” says out contact within the Guardian Order. “Hastings’ device is still a prototype and it will be a while before it can be used by the Guardian Order on a regular basis, but it has already gives us an immense advantage over the enemy.”

“It’s not a tracking device, not really,” clarifies Major Alana Roth from Artemis, who assisted with the raid. “It’s more of a threat detector. If there’s a serious threat nearby, it will light up in warning. That’s how we knew there was something going on in the hideout – when we approached, the device lit up like the sky on New Year’s.”

The Guardian Order considers sponsoring further research into the device. There are even talks about purchasing the patent.

“We’ve managed to arrest some high profile perpetrators,” says out contact. “You could say we de-fanged the threat in Netherfield area.”

This is good news especially for the nearly locations, which have been through quite a turmoil since the magical anomaly in Brede High Woods. And yet, not everyone is convinced of the raid’s unanimous success.

“Netherfield is safe from the Red Moon, but what about the White Fang?” Asks one of the Netherfield residents. “The Red Moon aren’t the ones who keep murdering all those witchards, or at least it’s not them alone. I’m more worried about Alric Gault and his thugs. Of course, I’m glad that we have one less threat in the area, but what does it mean for us in the long run? The way I see it, White Fang no longer has competition and will run rampant before the Guardian Order figures out the patenting options for their toy.”

There is currently no information about any White Fang operatives in the area and no other threat had been picked up by the device. Further information is classified due to the sensitivity of the case and the high profile of some detained suspects.