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Rumours run rampant after Masurian man found wandering Rybaki parkland alone without wand

Speculations over the mysterious Masurian man are continuing by politicians and civilians alike after he was found wandering the nearby town of Rybaki, just inside the borders of the Olsztyn Conflux. Identified as Masurian by his trademark clothing, he was seen wearing the traditional Masurian purple cloak that trails 2.4 metres behind, and rounded bowler-style hat with a Griffin feather. His expensive and traditional Conflux costume was, however, reported to be in disarray and tattered, with tears in the cloak, and the man’s face sporting mud stains and eyes of wild panic.

The Masurian Conflux has been shrouded in mystery since it first closed its gates to the wider Witchard world in 1803, and only reliable ‘rumours’ of its internal affairs have permeated through to journalists and researchers trying to learn more of the conflux since then. Taking up a 80 square kilometre gated and bewitched community near the centre of Poland, Masuria is estimated to house approximately 100,000 Witchards, though none of them have ever been seen outside of the Conflux this century aside from high-born politicians meeting with other conflux leaders. Members of other confluxes are forbidden to enter Masuria, and this has only led to further speculation and far-cry rumours as to the goings-on of its people. 

Named here as ‘The Masurian Man’, the wanderer was reportedly seen armed with no wand nor weapon, and appeared wild-eyed and panicked last Thursday in the early evening. Onlookers, of which we have the reports of 7, have said when they tried to approach this man to give aid, he vanished with a look of fear, and would reappear somewhere close by in the outskirts of Rybaki. This reportedly went on for several hours after the first sighting, though he has not been seen since. 

This has been the first reported ‘commoner’ Masurian that has been seen in over a century, and as such has caused wild rumour and speculation amongst the European confluxes. Was this man in danger? Had he left the conflux himself, or was he forced out? Was he definitely Masurian to begin with, just by his clothing? What has happened to him now? Where on earth was his wand?

Whilst Polish confluxes have remained peaceful and cooperative with each other for the majority of civilised history, and all living alongside this gated and secretive conflux in accord with Witching Law, tensions are starting to escalate as diplomats begin to suspect sinister goings-on. Whilst many claim that this was clearly just a man lost after a gone-wrong experiment trying to get home, and there’s nothing more to it than that, many others are worried of the peculiarity of this sighting.

Investigations and walk-throughs of the sighting spots of The Masurian Man in the suburbs of Rybaki continue, with reporters from the Tribune following the investigation closely. Updates will be reported here, and we hope this remains the only alarming thing to come out of Masuria. As such a secret and closely-guarded conflux, who knows what oddities and ominous happenings could continue and escalate if this is only the beginning. We’re used to them being self-sufficient in a secluded setting – why branch out now?

Follow the Tribune for more reports from Masuria, and the latest updates concerning ‘The Man’, and exclusive articles into the inner-workings of the famously mysterious Masurian Conflux.