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Rumours from the Masurian Conflux – is the place of secrets finally opening its gates?

The Witchards Tribune has received information from a trusted source indicating that the Masurian Conflux may be considering opening its borders to outsiders after 175 years of isolation. Located in northern Poland, the conflux has largely kept to itself, and only a select few of high-ranking researchers and politicians have been allowed to visit. But now, it seems the conflux government has had talks with multiple foreign diplomats, and there’s a chance that Masuria might be interested in joining the company of the European Confluxes again.

“Very few confluxes have been as secretive as Masuria in the modern times”, comments our political analyst Lucretia Spellmoore. “It’s hard to estimate what could have spurred such a change. Masuria has been quite self-sufficient in terms of resources, so this could be a change in political power structures within the conflux, or a wish to start expanding their influence. So far all guesses are valid, as this was certainly unexpected. Before shutting its doors they were a conflux of many influential hexborn families and extensive magical research, so I could see all kinds of people wanting to visit if they get a chance.”

We will be sure to report on the developments as more information about the negotiations surfaces, as well as offer more insights into the Masurian Conflux and its mysteries in the coming days.