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Pickingill offers the Were sanctuary amidst global unrest

Recent weeks saw a shift in the conflict between the witchards and the Were. There are still those who believe that the animosity can be solved through diplomatic means, but these voices grow weaker by the day, drowned out by the rising outrage of the public. Activists on both sides strive to preserve the fragile peace, encouraging people to show their support in spontaneous protests and manifestations.

In the light of recent Were attacks on several French and German confluxes, the Guardian Order refused to support public events organised in support of Were rights, citing the possibility of violence. After many weeks of silence on the part of conflux Guardians from the areas most affected by unrest, our correspondents have finally managed to get some statements, albeit mainly unofficial ones.

“So far, the attacks haven’t been lethal, but can you really cheer for the survival of a victim that ends up infected with lycanthropy? Me, I’d prefer to be dead. Don’t quote me on that,” said an anonymous source from the Beauvais conflux in France.

“Every action on the part of the Were will see a reaction from witchard civilians, it’s just how it goes,” commented Camille Blanchet, conflux Guardian from Dunkirk. “Vigilante justice is inevitable when the state can’t provide its citizens with sufficient protection, and we can’t save everyone if we don’t know how the enemy operates. We’re up against a force of nature.”

Civilian hostility towards lycanthropes has been on the rise in the recent weeks. Several confluxes in southern England report attempted lynches on outed lycans as well as houses of lycanthropes being set on fire.

In response to the rising tensions, the Pickingill Order issued a statement condemning vigilantism and offering sanctuary to the families of underage lycanthropes.

“In the light of recent events, it is crucial that we focus on the safety of our communities. In these trying times, it means offering special care and security to the innocents who haven’t chosen to be part of this conflict. Therefore, the Pickingill Order has launched a program of temporary relocation addressed to the families with at least one lycanthrope aged eighteen or younger. We will provide them with shelter, food, and protection as well as private tutoring for children and work opportunities for the adults. The designated areas will not be disclosed to the public. We encourage families of lycanthropes to contact us for further information.”

This statement was met by mixed reactions from the community, but we’ve been informed that within two days of its publication forty-eight families have already signed up for the program.