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Mundane trespassers on witchard territories

With the Were threat on the rise and witchard families fearing for the safety of their children, the last thing on a witchard’s mind should be the protection of our world from the prying eyes of Mundanes. And yet, this is out leading story today, as Mundane sightings around witchard-dominated areas have become a frequent and inexplicable occurrence.

Earlier this month, we received word about a Mundane family taking a stroll through the grounds near Bothwell, a location whose anti-Mundane wards have always been near-impenetrable. Today, a group of mundane tourists wandered straight onto the grounds to admire the castle. The kept their distance and the wards prevented them from entering the building, but their very presence in the vicinity of Bothwell is alarming.

This isn’t the only magical building which appears to lose its invulnerability to the Mundane gaze. Recently, we have been getting reports of Guardians being deployed to various European confluxes in order to wipe the minds and clear social media posts of Mundanes who have wandered a step too far into witchard territories.

So far, there is no explanation for these unexpected visitations. The Guardian Order encourages all witchards, especially those in charge of magical facilities, to strengthen their wards and protect their area from the prying eyes.

“The last thing we all need right now is to have our existence revealed to the Mundanes,” said Marc Hubbles of Order Le Fay. “Protective rituals should always be our priority, now more than ever.”