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Expert Curse Breaker team cracks the mystery of Postojna Caves

After weeks of arduous research, an international team of Curse Breakers has successfully entered the newly found cave in Primorsko-notranjska Conflux, Slovenia. Postojna Caves have long been a well-known natural wonder and the second-longest cave system in the country, but a new entrance, sealed off with multiple runes and curses, was recently found in the same area indicating a former witchard presence. The 12-person team, led by the local expert Marija Hrastnik, has been working tirelessly to analyse the situation, and was proud to finally report a major breakthrough.

“Now that we’re through the entrance the rest is going to be easier, but the cave goes deeper than we initially assumed and it will probably take us several weeks to get through all the layers of protection inside”, Hrastnik estimates. “The complexity of curses indicates someone may have been using the place as their personal hideout, but the exact reason is still unknown.”

Postojna Caves are also a popular mundane tourist destination, which increases the level of risk during the expedition. The newly found cave is located only a few hundred meters away from the areas swarming with tourists, so the team has kept up wards around the clock during the expedition. “It’s likely that this hideout was constructed before the rest of the cave was found by mundanes, which would make it at least 200 years old”, says Leon Eicher, another team member. “We will be increasing the level of security now that we know better what we’re dealing with.”