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Burglar Known As “The Gentleman Robber” Caught in Londinium Conflux

William Willow on the stand
at Londinium High Court.

William Willow, know by most as ‘The Gentleman Robber’ has been caught and taken back into Guardian custody after being on the run. He is due to stand trial next month after escaping from the High Court three weeks ago where he first was charged with theft, pilfering, and hood-winkery.

Willow was caught after all signs led to him being the culprit of the high-profile thefts amongst the upper echelons of Londinium society, as he was the only person to have been seen at all locations of reported robbery.

Whilst he is not seen as a physical danger to the public, the value of the stolen goods seized back from his possession are estimated in the tens of thousands, and therefore he is being kept in custody without available bail. With him being able to escape from Guardian clutches so easily less than one month ago, rumours continue to be speculated upon as to what additional secret security measures have been put in place by the Guardian Order to keep him from running again.

Selene Quilling is the field journalist for the Willow case, and endeavours to bring updates as and when they come in.