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First Bodiam, now Czocha – two bastions of hope for witchardkind have gone silent, communication with them cut off, runic bridges collapsed.

It has been a month since the attack on the Czocha castle, a vicious raid by the Were forces which claimed nine lives and injured many more. For a full month, Czocha has been surrounded by enemy forces, fighting for survival. Today, it seems that this fight was lost.

It is uncertain what happened or if the castle is still standing. All we know at the moment is that there are still students and staff at Czocha, and that currently there is no way to reach them either through magical or mundane means.

The Artemis Order is working on re-establishing the runic bridges with both, Bodiam and Czocha, but they are not optimistic about the prospects.

“If someone is actively sabotaging the connection on the other side, there is little we can do,” an Artemis Order representative tells us.

This isn’t the only bad news of the day. Whispers, the social media platform for witchards, went down yesterday. A Were organisation called The Echo Grid claimed responsibility for the attack, calling it retaliation for yesterday’s raid on the Red Moon cell in Netherfield. The Echo Grid are a group of technomancers and hackers specialising in sabotage and data gathering. They are responsible for revealing the personal information of numerous Guardians, especially the LCPI agents.

It is possible that the Echo Grid are responsible for the lost communication with Bodiam and Czocha, but there is currently no evidence that would confirm it and they haven’t taken responsibility for either of those attacks.