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New Exhibit Shocks Museum Goers

The British Museum today unveiled a new exhibit in its Obscura wing. The exhibit, entitled Discovering Our Origins, calls into doubt the established history of the emergence of Witchard society.

Research by archaeologists at Oxford University has discovered evidence of, what they believe to be, witchards as early as 800 BC. The general consensus of the history of Witchard society has been called into question, and the news of the exhibit has shocked historians and civilians alike. The content of Discovering Our Origins is a closely guarded secret, and one must attend the exhibit to find all the details of the historical findings. The Obscura wing is known for it’s high-level of security, and the museum prides itself on its level of theatricality, as well as its commitment to historical research and the public deliverance of information.

Tickets for the exhibit are on sale now via The British Museum, but are in hot demand. The museum urges patrons to try to avoid weekends, where tourism has taken the majority of viewing slots. They ask visitors to come prepared with an open mind, a passion for discovery, and to bring their own lunch as the canteen is currently under renovation.