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Trueseer breaks sales records with a new line of portable crystal balls

No one really took Trueseer seriously as a competitor when they showed up a couple of years ago, but they have quickly made it clear they’re a force to be reckoned with. The company has really shaken up the foresight industry with its innovative creations, and has now made its all-time sales record with its new Cassandra product line. While multiple companies have been selling portable crystal balls before, the new line comes equipped with both barrier spells to prevent the balls from breaking if dropped and a slight lightening enchantment to make them more comfortable to carry around. Each model comes with a different set of enhancing crystals, and you can choose from Clarity, Connection and Confidence.

The company’s flagship stores in both London and Berlin have seen long lines all day as the excited customers try to get their hands on the crystal balls. “We knew there would be a lot of of demand for this sort of thing, but still just the amount of preorders really surprised us”, says Mackenzie Meadow, the sales representative of the company. They estimate the current supply will run out in a couple of days, but they also remain hopeful. “We have already amped up the production and will hopefully have a new batch in stock very soon. We’re very happy about the warm welcome, and we will make sure every customer is satisfied.”